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High Capacity
Erosion Control
Bridge Abutments
Multi-Purpose Docks
High Capacity
Erosion Control
Bridge Abutments
Multi-Purpose Docks
Ice and Wave Environment
Inland waterway applications
Shallow Bedrock Applications
Soft Sediment Applications
Ice and Wave Environment
Inland waterway
Shallow Bedrock
Soft Sediment
Container  Terminal
Man Made Islands
Repair of Bulkheads
Container Terminals
Artificial Islands
Repair/Encapsulation of Existing Bulkheads
Special Applications
special applications

The OPEN CELL SHEET PILE system delivers proven performance for both ideal and extreme conditions such as:

High Loads
High vertical capacity for localized loads such as cranes or uniform loads from freight can be easily supported. Uniform loads of 5,000 pounds per square foot and concentrated loads of 6,000 tons have been accommodated. In addition, load capacity can be increased by simply extending tail walls even after construction has been completed if project requirements dictate.

Deep Water
The increasing draft of vessels throughout the world has required increased dredge depths. Vertical faces of over 80-feet have been constructed while still maintaining the highest load capacities.

Minimal Embedment
A minimal toe embedment of 10 feet below potential scour depth is a common design tip elevation. This is significantly less than other structure types.

Soft Soils
The system accommodates soft clay and silts, allowing high capacities while still maintaining local and global stability.

The OPEN CELL™ structure is scour insensitive because it derives its strength horizontally from its vertical tail wall and not through passive toe resistance.

OPEN CELL bulkheads have been subjected to severe arctic conditions both in fresh and salt water. The system has effectively proven itself against the ice prevalent throughout the Alaska arctic.

Seismic Conditions
OPEN CELL SHEET PILE structures have survived hundreds of seismic events throughout the Pacific Rim. Not only have they survived, but they have remained in service with no damage noted.

Long Term Settlement
In certain instances structures may need to be constructed in areas with deep deposits of soft material that are subject to significant settlement. Vertical member orientation of the OPEN CELL SHEET PILE structure allows soil settlement without damage to this flexible membrane system. Also, due to the flexible nature of these structures, differential settlement can be accommodated without loss of strength.

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